Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ghosts of Arizona

Alas, I can finally tell you why Arizona was the last state of the contigulous USA to be admitted to the union-- there was nothing to admit...or admit to.

Arizona Mills was pretty dismal, altho I will soon write more about what's called The Mills Concept just so you know. Here are the things I can tell you now:
* The line at Ross was too long for me to stand there to wait and pay for the 'silk georgette' black peasant blouse for $8.99 that I knew I couldn't live without. So I hid it in the handbag department. The line was still too long on our way out, so if you're there, would you please buy my blouse for me?
* Although this mall has a N-M Last Call outlet, it is not a good mall. It's enclsoed, it's dark, it's tacky and as Sarah said "I wouoldn't shop at this place even if I lived here!"
* The best thing we could find to photograph was the display of gumballs at an interior candy kiosk.
The outlet after that,on Highway I-10 about 40 minutes south of Phoenix enroute to Tuscon, The Outlets at Casa Grande, was so bad that we want to award the Tanger corporation an award for the worst attempt ever made in America.
We are now in New Mexico and off to Texas. There's a new mall outside of El Paso. Hook 'em!

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