Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breakfast w/o Tiffany

Sarah and I aren't really up for breakfast at a normal hour yet-- jetlag still reigns. But around noonish, when we sat at the table for our bagels, cream cheese and coffee, i came up with a curious piece of shopping philosophy.

Sarah has been collecting Starbucks Citymugs for a number of years-- she has one from each of the cities we have reported on. We've considered adding in a Dallas mug since we get lay-overs at DFW all the time, but so far have resisted the reality.

We know nthere were mugs from hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in the collection...yet they have vanished from the cabinent. We set out to replace them, at least two of them, on our recent trip to China.

Now then, this is what I have learned from having patterned dishes (Botanic Garden) and a variety of coffee mugs. As time passes, certain patterns go in and out of favor and you begin to love or loathe specific designs, often for no reason. I know that I hate GUANGZHOU because it's ugly and I suspect that I lvoe TAI PEI because I love the TaiPei airport, beyond that, our choice of mug has heretofore changed each day.

When we got to Starbucks in Beijing-- first stop of our past tour--we learned that the Chinese Citymugs have been re-designed. They now have vibrant color and are far more chic than their cousins in Sarah's kitchen cabinet. We do not know if all citymugs have been re-designed or jsut the Chinese. Maybe they made new ones to maximize the lead content, or the melamine. But I digress.

Now when we sit for breakfast we gravitate to the new Chinese mugs, which out-shine the others in a dazzling display of vibrancy. I think I like Beijing the best. Just don't tell Tommy Smothers.

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