Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Although I thought I was done with the subject of China for now and yes, we do head out ont he road tomorrow and I will begin a new blog about that roadtrip, well a tidbit has come to my attention.

My sister-in-law Lauren is a physician and the mother of 3 girls, two of whom are pre-teens. I buy them all sorts of junk, especially if it has great packaging. In one of the Chinese grocery stores, I found God-only-knows-what in an adorable package. I think it was shampoo, but then, on the whole trip I only learned 4 new kanji and shampoo wasn't one of them.

Sooooo Sophia and Natalie ripped into their packages while Lauren had a quiet heart attack and reminded me that it is way too dangerous these days to give anyone, especially kids, any product from China that would or could be ingested into the body in any form-- by mouth or by skin.

So attention K-Mart shoppers and please take care when buying gifts!

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