Monday, March 16, 2009

Farewell My Concubine

We leave for SFO early tomorrow morning, so I may not be blogging from China again before we arrive home. We have perched on the welcome mat for two weeks, done our best to make the Chinese growth stats go back toward 12% and have learned four new kanji in Chinese.

We have dinner tonight on the 91rst floor of the Park Hyatt in their most famous restaurant where we plan to eat steaks and test their sushi chef and Chinese barbq. Then we are invited to the hotel's old Shanghai style dance hall to listen to the song girls and do a little fox trot. It could be a wild evening. Eat your heart out, Wolf Blitzer; I may have to give up our usual date time.

Once I am stateside, I will be blogging with Shopping Detective reports. Thus I will alternate between reports from the road when I travel and reports on new merchandise and fabulous or funny finds in the US when I am home.

Where ever that is.

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