Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Melange Makes The Day

I don't know if I would define this as one perfect day in Paris, but the mixture of styles does represent my personality and friends and the springtime in the air here.

Started off at the Flea Market at the Porte de Vanves where I was very restained, bought three thrilling items and only spent ten euros. OK, one of them is a fishing basket for a friend and I will have to hand carry it on the plane, but she's a good friend ...and how successful can a trip be if you aren't lugging home some silly purchase?

Had lunch at The Ritz; my first time back in about ten years -- after I got turned away for not being a guest there when I went in for a hot chocolate on a wintry Saturday. Then took a taxi straight up the Champs Elysees to Monoprix, where I did the grocery shopping and bought a few new products to test, such as Nivea's new tinted foundation (seems to only come in one color -- sable (sand) -- but hey, that's my color) and Eugene brand hair color and uh oh, those nasty roots are out again and the Sally's color combo and 20% developer got shipped to Paso Robles.

Now I am about to meet my kids for a glamourous Parisian dinner on the Champs...they have asked to go to McDo!

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