Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fish & Dream Cottages

Today is April 1rst (i think) which may be April Fools to most, but its Poisson d'Avril here...although today has not been very fishy. In medieval time, a red paper fish was attached to someone's clock at tush level and everyone else could only you could snicker in medieval times. The prank became the basis for the April Fools joke, but here most people just eat chocolate fish.

Not me. I spent the day looking at shops for Born to Shop and then touring my friend Dominique's house, which she has really spruced up since the last time I saw it and which I have now convinced her should be offered up for rent a few weeks each season (

She lives in Le Cannet, an official city of its own located above Cannes,above the traffic of Cannes and closer to the A8 autoroute for getting around the towns and villages. It is a sorta teeny house that is everyone's dream. A giant terrace, a large open, modern kitchen, big living salon and smallish bedroom -- who wants more?

Her home is on one level, below is her separate office and then there's a large studio apartment, where her son lives. She bought a truly ramshackle little house and has spent many years making it into a gem. If you've ever dreamed of a little cottage in Cannes, this is the one. Andnow she will rent it out to a lucky few.

The house is bright white (just painted) with olive green shutters and tons of flowering plants along the gates, driveway and terrace. There's a dozen lemons on her lemon tree. Her cat sits in the sun. The house is filled with light and then brightened even more with yellow walls and white furniture. I will load in my fotos as soon as I can get the Internet to co-operate.

The house has a huge terrace, so we sat outside in the perfect Cote d'Azur sunshine and ate poulet roti and potatoes. Well, I ate the potatoes and she had endive. She's staying on her diet; I am eating everything in sight.

It was one of thosemagic moments when you don't even have to talk -- you just enjoy a friend of almost 20 years' time, the sun, the mustard and the fact that life can be very good. Especially in Cannes.

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