Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday Specials

Today is Easter Monday, which is a big holiday in France. They don't seem to do Good Friday, but there's no school today and things are pretty dead. I can't wait for tomorrow which is market day in my village as well as my manicure day and, ouch, my meeting regarding my taxes due on the selling of my house. But tomorrow is another day.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was cold and wet so I spent most of the day upstairs in my house at the computer. I don't like to heat the upstairs and the downstairs at the same time (I am, after all, French) so I decided to stay in the cocoon and write with brief trips to the kitchen.

By this morning, I was so desperate to get outdoors that I drove to Ste. Cecile des Vignes, about 20km away which has been advertising a brocante, or flea market special event for Easter Weekend. In real life, I go to this town every Saturday for market and have been to their flea markets many times...but I needed to get out and knew I would enjoy the ride across the vines, past Rasteau and to Ste. Cecile. It's a cold and windy day, but the sun is bright and the sky is clear. You can see the lime atop Mt. Ventoux and even snow on the far off Alps.

The flea market was a piddling little affair, with few vendors and fewer shoppers. Worse yet, msot of these vendors were on the circuit, so I had already seen them (and their wares) in Vaison and in Beaumes de Venise. The same old white high-chair for sixty euros is still bouncing around the hills. I priced a vase (60E) which was nuts and a bistro table, also 60E-- which I probably could have bought for 50E but then it's one more thing to ship. At a certain point, even a shopping goddess has to say 'Basta! enough!'


  1. I know Basta. But for some reason the times I've said Basta, I've regretted it. I can still remember this wonderful headboard I saw at a flea market about seven years ago. The vendor refused to budge and I refused to buy. But I still want that headboard. And I haven't seen on like it since.

  2. I did like that highchair, I have to admit. Took me ages to find one. I resorted to buying one from Ikea. Cost the same amount to ship as it did for the item. So it's interesting to see other highchairs though. Thanks for that picture! :)