Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogged Down

I promise to catch up, write more interesting reports, attach video from the new little flip camera, and add a picture to this page ...ASAP. Instead, i will tell a little story to explain why I haven't done any of the above yet.

My house closed on Monday, April 12. The bank here is closed on Mondays.
On Tuesday, although the bank was open, their computers were down.
On Wednesday, when they saw the heap of euros now in my account, they called me to come in with legal documents 'justifying' the sum to ascertain that I am not a drug lord.
Today, Thursday, they said they couldnt wire that sum from France without a written and faxed confirmation from my US bank and a character reference from that bank.

And you ask if I will miss France, if I am sad to leave, if my heart is breaking...


  1. You poor thing. Leaving a place like this must me so hard. At least you're sharing your feelings in your blog, which is a way of coping with the change and all the new adventures that are waiting for you :)

  2. Good morning my dear as they say in your circle.
    I had never heard of you before till I was watching the HGTV places to sell in New York.

    So I decided to say hello.
    Why? You are asking yourself.
    I don't know this person. No you don't but being a writer myself and have not published
    Can I ask you 1 question.
    Did you hire an agent when you first started?
    Lastly, The nerve of them not believing that you would not be foolish to try anything stupid.
    But anyway.
    Good luck finding your perfect place in New York
    Love what you write
    Beverly Boisen
    New York
    my blog: