Monday, March 15, 2010

The View From Here

I'm sure its not odd to you, or to be considered much of a personal confession, if I admit that in fits of boredom or depression, I go to the drug store for an emotional pick me up, and a new lipstick or something.

I used to go to the Long's Drugs near Sarah's house; this branch in Mill Valley. Then it got taken over by CVS and while I still go there, I miss my old Long's Drugs and don't take as much joy in a plain old CVS. Even if they do carry Lierac skin cream from France. Usually, I leave unimpressed.

Until yesterday. I went to a different CVS while waiting for Papa Murphy's to whip together our pizzas. At the far end of the CVS in Greenbrae, there was an open door marked 360 Degrees. OK, I thought -- I'll bite. After all, pizza was in the air.

As it turns out, this is a new company co-ordianted with CVS to represent the inner Sephora in all of us. There are currently 16 storefronts dotted around the US with more coming. The brands are chosen for their name status and their quirks ... and/or cult status.

There's a small fragrance bar with unusual scents. I spritzed Fleur du Rocaille, one of my old favorites (this is the perfume from The Scent of a Woman), but I could neither find the price nor the stock. Since I'm going to be in a duty free tomorrow, I decided to move on.

There was a small amount of hair care and much makeup and skin care. Brands included Paula Dorf and Mario Badescu. I touched and sampled everything; refused the offer for a free makeover or an official appointment for a facial with their expert and instead wandered back to the mass market brands in the other part of CVS. There I decided to test the Mabelline gel-format eyeliner and a new lipstick. They're in the middle of a buy one, get the second for half price promotion. Who could ask for anything more?

Film at 11.

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