Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Coupe Above

Like any woman who has ever had a crippling affair of the heart, I have just been to the hairdresser as a way of coping with my loss. After giving up Caramel, I have been blue -- so now I am red...or auburn. And looking like a middle aged Audrey Tatou.

Meanwhile, if you prefered the old shaggy/curly moi, be sure to tune in to HGTV on Thursday at 9pm EST and 8pm Central to watch a new show called Selling New York. The show debuted last week and garnered two different articles in the New York Times.

While you watch the property porn, you can discover how I came to be in Vaison now, awaiting the sale of my house here. My dear friend and broker extraordinaire Michele Peck toldme I should move to New York and give Manhattan a whirl. I flew there last fall to look at apartments -- and was trailed by Michele's camera crew. It seems it was her week to be the star of this new real estate saga, and so we gamely wore the same clothes for several days in a row and pretended we didn't even know there was a crew on our tails. We saw three apartments -- all are worthy of more than a New York minute or million -- but I fell so crazy in love with one of them that one the spot, and yes, on camera, I decided to sell the house in Provence.

So there you have it.


  1. I loved watching you on the show Selling New York, "property porn"!!! Love it.

    I googled you and I am off to read C'est la Vie on my Kindle! I read the sample first and laughed out loud at Cooperstown NY ,( I grew up on a dairy farm in the area) , in fairness it is beautiful there, but not quite France! I was in the car as passenger with my husband driving as I read the sadness of your dear departed and with tears welling up closed up the Kindle until I could come home and order the book and read in quiet.

    Oklahoma City

  2. The apartment you chose on Selling New York was an excellent choice! I too googled you, enjoyed reading your blog, admired your rescue (and bittersweet release) of Caramel. And, I just purchased Where to Buy the Best of Everything! Thanks!

  3. You guys feel like new family! Thank you for coming along for the ride.