Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Perfect Market Day

I found myself too tense to sleep last night. I reviewed the possible problems and realized, no, I wasn't upset about anything except maybe giving up my house and my almost-adopted dog. I was excited because when I work up today (Tuesday) it would be Market Day in Vaison.

Market in VAison, especially in season, is a glorious thing. Today it was semi-glorious -- not in full throe since it is still March. But with perfect spring weather and streets crammed with locals and vendors, I made a few seasonal discoveries.
* The first French strawberries of the season have come to market. Spanish strawberries always become vailable more quickly and the French are quick to disdain them. These strawberries did not look too appetizing -- a weak red color with very white tops. I'd give it a month.
* Asperges is also jsut coming into season. The height of this season is actually in April, but there were several varieties available today -- msot were expensive since this is the first of the year. The French tradiiton is to make a wish each time you eat a fruit or vegetable for the first time in the new season. So I found some of the skinny asperges for 4 euros a boite and will make my wish tonight. Fatter asparagus and white asparagus were about $10 a bunch. Thankfully I don't like those versions.
* My regular 'chickan man' charges 7,50 for a poulet roti. This is a few cents less than at Aucahn. It does not pay to cook a chicken at home.
* Pirate and bootleg CD's are as popular as ever, but there is gaining momentum in 'disques' -- vinyl, which can't be faked in that format. Beatles album for 10 euros.
* Geraniums are not yet abundant. There are a few, but mostly it's still primroses and pansies.
* Dishtowels with embroidered symbols of Provence (lavender, cigalle, etc.) cost 15 euros for six. Down the road a bit, they are five towels for 15 euros. Did I spot a bargain right out of the box? Naw. The second guy had much better quality. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. Nevertheless, I am not going back to the vendor who announced 'Singer d'occasion'. I've done that and been there.


  1. HI Suzy...love the picture of the petunias...makes me long for warmer weather here..gray and rain is what we have..enjoy the sunshine

  2. Suzy,
    I hope the packing...and extra shopping go well. Thank you for posting. I am going to Paris April 8 and reading your notes is such a tonic. I was so worried about the dog...you did way more than anyone would...in the midst of all your projects. I do hope they tell you if they find an adoptive family or the original family though!