Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flashdance From Air France

There is no photo with this post because even I, sometimes called brazen, know that it is rude to take pictures of your fellow flighties, especially when they are sleeping.
Nonetheless, I thought it important to tell you about the man sitting across the aisle from me, in, uh, 30C, to be exact. We never spoke. I know he is French because I heard his accent when he spoke to the flight attendant and no Anglo has an accent that good, not even Alec Lobrano.
Besides, this isn't about who he is or what he had to say. It's about the look; his look -- which I think is the look for tomorrow or maybe today, if I am totally behind the times. Men's fashion doesn't interest me that much; but street fashion fascinates me. Voila!
He was in his mid-30's I'd say, blonde-ish with cropped short hair buzz cut, like the cute guy on NCIS LA. Now here's the important, part: his outfit.
* Good quality pink cotton dress shirt with French cuffs. Cuffs not encumbered with cuff links and therefore dangling, loosely, from sleeves.
* Sleeves were part of the zip front, gray pull, with an unfortunate Tommy Hilfiger logo on it. I'll allow that as I congratulate Mr. Hilfiger on his sale. Gray zippy thing is not zipped all the way up, thus revealing some of pink shirt at neck. But not much because...
* White linen gauze scarf double knotted at neck, sort of Lawrence of Arabia gone to Gap.
The rest was as anticipated, jeans and orange and beige stripe Kappa trainers.
God, I love France.

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