Friday, August 21, 2009

Footnotes From Your Shopping Detective

I think it was yesterday (who really knows what day it is?) that I considered reporting that Toenail #2 is still intact and enjoying Asia. But I decided that you really didn't care and that after awhile, a joke isn't funny anymore. Sooooo I didn't put my foot in my mouth or trip over the punch line.

But now, well, now I have toe news.

Today Sarah and I were doing our rounds and hit the part of the local department store Paragon that is called Trendy (3rd F). We didn't stumble upon it, as we go here regulalry and have even brought Born to Shop tour groups here. This department store is the anchor to the Siam Paragon mall and is a thrilling place to shop, proving that when you travel, all of life is one big art exhibition.

Sarah got to Trendy before me (I was still in Japanese school supplies for my nieces) and was going nuts for press on fingernails with pearls and jewels and Japanese style designs on them, at $25 a pair. We bought a few pairs as gifts and were leaving when for some reason, I looked back (not in anger) and realized we had missed the press on toe department! Hmmm, the press on toenail department is more fitting.

While the nails for hands are sold with a set of ten (tough luck, Anne Boleyn), the toe nails come with only the pair of big toes. For an extra $1 USD you can buy the matching background color of polish for the rest of your little tootsies. Now let me see, this little piggy went to Bangkok, this little piggy went to Paragon ...and this little piggy went wei, wei, wei all the way home.

Prices on the toenails ranged from $12 a pair to $20, USD, based on how elaborate the design and the jewels are. The clerk said the toenails will stay on for two weeks, but I imagine that is if you wear flipflops or sandals, not bamboo socks as I do. Still, these are the most perfect resort item ever invented and could even be a fashion statement for those who prefer to remain barefoot and pregnant. I'll take the resort, thank you.

And yes, Elizabeth, Meredith and Jenny, of course we did.

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