Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breaking News

* Toenail #1 fell off two days after application, while still in U.S.
* Toenail #2 is going strong and has made it across the ocean and shows no signs of jetlag. It's possible this good luck is related to a new product I bought at Long's Drugs in Mill Valley, California where I bought a pair of Japanese bootie socks made of bamboo. They claim to be moisturizing.

Normally I wear French medical (you need a Rx for them and they cost about 100 euros but are made of chain mail) compression hose to keep the blood clots at bay, but decided that we all needed to know what moisturizing bamboo felt like. The answer? Slime. But nice slime.

I washed them out when we got to our hotel, the InterContinental Hong Kong, but they were not dry this morning-- so bamboo may not wick well. Who knew?

And so, we are off and,uh, limping:
* get SIM cards
* get directions to all errands written in Chinese
* send some of this downpour to Texas where we are having a drought
* find that new press-on eye shadow they're all talking about here

In short, another day at the office.

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