Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mugged in paris

last night, my dinner date never arrived at our rendezvous because he was mugged in the Paris subway; today Born to Shop co-author Sarah Lahey was robbed at the Concorde Station of the #1 metro. It was to be our perfect last day in Paris, but two muggings in less than 24 hours is terrifying and a warning to all.


  1. Bonjour! I've just discovered you! A friend left a copy of C'est la Vie on my desk at school. Most everyone knows that I am fairly obsessed with France and all things French. I love your style of writing and I am now living vicariously through you. I will be back in La Ville Lumière next week, though, with 14 eighth graders in tow.
    I will not think about muggings, though, and keep preaching safety to the young ones.
    Merci, Suze!

  2. Yo, Suzy! Are you still in California, when not in Paris?

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