Friday, May 7, 2010

Shopping at CDG

All of Gaul may be divided into three parts, but the shopping at CDG's newish Terminal E has a lot more parts to it. And a lot more fun than any threesome.

Terminal E may be ten years old -- I lose track of these things, but since I moved to Paris ten years ago and remember it opening..and closing after a portion of the ceiling fell in...then I think of it as 'new'. CDG is not one of my favorite airports and I have horrible memories of actually crying when lost in one of its pods, but nonetheless, my flight out of Paris was fun once I got past the luggage requirements and code-share mix-ups and into the shopping zone.

Aside from being a light and pleasant-to-be-in space, Terminal E has the usual suspects you would expect in any airport shop, along with duty free stores...but there are also several unique shopping ops: a gourmet grocery store and a French style department store devoted to gifts and small items, many of them for home and table top.

I was amazed to find a Jean Vier boutique within the boutique. Jean Vier is a Basque linen company that makes a stylish twist on the traditional striped fabrics from the region. Usually just in natural linen with red or green stripes, Jean Vier's linens have a rainbow worth of brights. There are no bargains, but the look is stunning and not easily duplicated in the U.S. -- or Paris, for that matter.

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