Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Hairy Details

Now I'm very certain that all consumers out there want to know what happened with the TV set and if we all lived happily ever after.

So there's yes and there's maybe.

Although I was told that the set would be delivered last Friday and re-delivered on the Monday afterwards, I arrived at the house on Saturday to find the TV set, in its giant box, propped up in my otherwise empty house. This means someone's been sleeping in my bed. It possibly also means that UPS just dropped off the set and left it standing there. Blue moon, you left me standing alone on the porch.

Anyway, today was installation day. So my son Aaron and I had to un-pack the set and assemble it before the cable guy would touch it. And that's when we discovered that one end of the box was bashed in, one end of the foam was shattered and yup, the corner of the otherwise perfect frame to my TV is missing some bits of plastic or is that resin? We found the bits and tomorrow I will find some glue. Plastics, Benjamin.

I am certain I could call amazon.com or J&R or UPS or someone out there and return the set for an undamaged one...but how long would that take? And being the imperfect sort anyway, I am at peace with a less than perfect TV.

But so much for this kind of shopping. I will never buy a major appliance online again. But then, I've jsut bought a washer and dryer combo off of Craigslist, so if you never hear from me again...you know what happened.

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