Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Regrets

When we left Bologna for Venice I had a sense of incomplete-ness, that horrible feeling all shoppers understand when you realize you did not buy enough pairs of shoes. Throughout our beautiful weekend in Venice, I obsessed about a pair of grey suede shoes I'd seen in the window across the street from the Baglioni Grand Hotel, right there on the via Independenzia.

Returning from Venice to Bologna to grab the rest of our luggage and the car, we decided on a pizza break for lunch...and a trip to the shoe store. Alas, the shoes I had been drooling of and dreaming of were 239 euros...about $300.

Let me also stress that the reason I can buy shoes in Italy is that they make very snazzy shoes for men in this country. I have enormous American feet that do not usually fit into European women's shoes and often take a size 43, best bought in the men's department.

Turns out the first pair of fabulous feet I bought, the purple jobs pictured days ago, are not even available for women. But I need not worry with these grey shoes, they too were from the men's department.

Unable to afford $300 for a pair of shoes, I still ate my pizza with delight. We returned to the hotel on the other side of the street and passed Cinti, an Italian chain of inexpensive shoes. There, in the window, was a pair of grey suede penny loafers. Now they are mine. $120, grazie tutto.

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