Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Shopping Detective: Don't Drive & Cook

My mother taught me to bake a ham by spiking it with clove buds and drowning it with Coca-Cola. Indeed, Coke is used in many recipes and even French chefs have begun to play with the concept.

I have seen wire contraptions that allow you to insert a can of Coca-Cola into the framework and have also seen this same structure used for beer cans. But never before have I seen a Borracho Chicken Machine like the one I just found at the H.E.B.

For those not from San Antonio or South Texas-- borracho is Spanish for drunken and the H.E.B. began life as a supermarket but is now more like a hypermarche and is the icon we all worship in South Texas.

The Borracho Chicken Machine works on the same principle as devices invented years ago but is double barreled (two cans of beer, two chickens) and very sturdy so that it sits on top of your grill. You can place this int he dishwasher to sober it up (the machine, not the chicken). The item costs $9.99. Beer not included.

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