Thursday, June 24, 2010


Not to date myself too terribly, but I remember when skewed was a verb only used in advertising and media trades referring to content and its age target for viewers. A skewer, had only to do with barbeque.

About two years ago, I discovered and wrote about some flavored wooden barbeque skewers that I found in stores and online. (Seasoned Skewers;

This summer, I have found the FireWire -- which costs a whopping $12.99 but is made of stainless steel and should last forever. ..or until you attempt to barbeque krypton. The product ( is brilliant because it takes simple technology to the 'why-didn't-I'think-of-that?' position-- the wire is that...a long wire, much like a circular knitting needle, the kind used for sweaters.

Each end of this wire has a four inch stainless steel pointed poker skewer. Bascially, you thread your cubed foods onto the knitting needle and wrap it in circles on top of the grill -- you maximize the space and the heat from the grill and you clean the item, thus saving the world from disposables. This looks like what David Yurman would have designed if he was into barbequeing.

You can, of course, marinate foods before you grill 'em. You string the wire, then soak in marinade, then transfer to the grill. Dishwasher safe. Stainless steel doe snot react with marinade or raw foods. The packages set includes two skewers.

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