Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow in Paris; Ham & Cheese

Well, there's good news and wet news from Paris-- we woke up to a fair amount of snow which was pretty and sloppy and then melted away. The day has been milder and even gave in to a few streaks of blue sky. Since rain was predicted; snow -- even slushy snow-- was a welcome relief.

As for my glam life, well-- it was off to Dr. Nancy Salzman at her newish digs 1 avenue Lowendahl where I got a report on excellent blood pressure (see, it's a jet set lifestyle) and then went to the bank and stood in the wrong line for a half hour. C'est normal for Paris.

We went to Fauchon for a ham sandwich and bubbly H2O --that for two people at a mere 24 euros (!!!). The sandwich was wrapped in a golden edged zip baggy of baquette size, which was so cool that it was worth 6,50 E for a sanwhich. I've saved the baggy as a souvenir of Paris.

We went up the hill to Marche St. Pierre to the fabric markets where everything is on sale at somewhat reasonable prices. Then I remembered all the other 'coupons' I have packed away in my storage unit and decided not to buy. I was also upset by the hated political discussion with the taxi driver-- who proclaimed his anti-Israeli and anti-semitic politics with stories so bizarre I'd never even heard them before, ie. no Jews were killed in 9/11 because they knew about it because they read Arabic and it was all in the papers en avance.

It took me a while to wander the bolts of fabrics and calm down after that little lecture.

The real trend in fabrics is the African wax print cotton, which is the hit of the couture and pret season for spring and is sold by the meter at Dreyfus for 2,90. I convinced Sarah that we should make a melange of pillow cases and marry them to a French Provencale boutis for her bedroom and be colorful in winter and on top of the trend. We gathered up a handful of bolts and then realized we would never make those pillow cases, gave in to honesty and returned them to their place in the heap.

So now it's off to the American Library for my gig. I shall be speaking about nonfiction (fact) and memoir (truth) and the fact that fiction is much like memoir in that it must reflect universal truth. Then during the Q&A we can discuss the difference between honesty and truth. We French are so philosophical.

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