Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back on Track

Well guys, this is a somewhat erratic (but not erotic) blog as we got back from Asia, we had a birthday party for Tom Lahey in Tiburon, I came back to San Antonio and dove into my office to push on the conclusion of Born to Shop Hong Kong...which was the whole reason we went on that trip anyway.

The book is almost done, I will do my taxes (yeah, I know I'm late, I have that October 15 extension daate) and continue to pack as it seems I am returning to the West Coast. Texas has been great and I love, love,love my house here-- but there seem to be more job ops in the Bay Area and I need to get a real job with a real paycheck, whatever that is.

I will be continuing the blog as we travel and The Shopping Detective as I find new merchandise. In fact, the day before I left for Asia in early August, we made a Born to Shop pilot that features several shopping detective segments. I think they're pretty cute-- well, the merch is fun, anyway. And my dog looks great. Some are pasted on my facebook page. I am waiting for CBS to call to make me the next Andy Rooney.

Sarah and I did come up with a fun idea, if you'd like to join us. We are going to Saigon in early November to do the research for an upcoming Born to Shop & Spa tour-- there's a new InterContinental Hotel opening and assorted things and places we want under control before the March tour. We've decided to open the Scouting Trip to the public-- you dont get the same benefits as on a BTS tour, but it costs less and could be very funny. See for details. We grabbed a Viet Nam cheapie airfare from United-- r/t from SFO to HCMC (Saigon) was about $600. The hotel will just be opening with low everday prices.

Once I get settled into the Bay Area in early October, I will begin work on our newest concierge edition-- Born to Shop & Sip: Napa and Sonoma. This will be a small, specialized book filled with insider's isnformation on shopping, wine and chefs. Amazon should have it posted by late Spring 2010.


  1. Hi Suzy, are you considering updating your Born to Shop France guide? I have relied on it heavily for the last several years, but an update is in order!
    I noticed that many of the Olivades retail stores have closed (at least those in Nice and St Paul de Vence) - do you have the scoop of what is going on with that company? I love their stuff. Thanks!

  2. We are spending the summer in Provence to update that book-- stay tuned! We were just in the Les Olivades factory store this past summer (near St. Remy) and all was normal there...just expensive. Will check it out in April when I return to the house.