Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toothpaste To Go

The Born to Shop team -- that's Sarah Lahey & I-- is off to China in a few days to update our Born to Shop China book. Old fashioned publishing being what it is (slow), I thought it would be fun to blog from Beijing. We'll be there in a few days, when I will officially begin publsihing-- right now I am doing the last minute packing and shopping. Today's newspaper had a small article about the lawsuit involving a US distributor of poisoned Chinese toothpaste getting off by paying a $33,000 fine. I guess I can't even say this is criminal since the lawyers agreed that it wasn't, but my attitude about being able to buy whatever I may need on a trip has certainly be modified. If I'm cold, yeah sure, I can buy a cashmere sweater. I don't want to run out of toothpaste though!

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